Our commitments

Lovita® and its partners have drawn up a strict quality charter guaranteeing the plum's qualities in order to build trust and meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

The charter is also meant to protect the work of all the sector's players, especially producers.

Quality-first approach

Our quality-first approach must prevail across the entire sector and at every stage, from nursery to store aisles. LOVITA®”s quality charter provides for a set of production and distribution protocols embodied in international quality certification schemes: GLOBAL G.A.P. with respect to production, and IFS Food with respect to packaging stations.

  • Regarding Nurseries: the RISPE and ESCANDE nurseries have been growing all the LOVITA® seedlings to date. Heirs to several generations of fruit growers, these experienced and acknowledged professionals are the guarantors of the production of high-yield, robust trees.
  • Regarding Producers: all of LOVITA®'s authorised producers hold a GLOBAL G.A.P. certification, a global benchmark for good farming practices, including traceability, risk analysis and risk management and food safety. More precisely, LOVITA® producers undertake to:
    - build lasting trust with consumers.
    - preserve wildlife.
    - implement sustainable farming practices.
    - improve efficiency in the use of natural resources.
    - maintain a responsible attitude with regard to workers's health and safety.
  • Regarding Packaging stations: LOVITA®-approved stations are IFS-Food certified. IFS is a global benchmark for the quality and safety of agricultural products and processes. They undertake to:
    - implement a management system oriented towards ensuring product quality and safety,
    - comply with existing regulations,
    - put in place measurement tools designed to improve safety,
    - ensure process transparency by means of audit reports.

Respecting consumers

Several quality and monitoring protocols ensure maximum transparency regarding the origins, production and packaging of LOVITA® while preserving its flavour and taste throughout the marketing process.

Respecting nature

A sustainable agriculture, the management of natural resources,the increased use of naturally-occurring processes are essential aspects of LOVITA®’s specifications. All LOVITA®-authorised professionals have been selected based on their environmental awareness.

Respecting workers' rights

The certification requirements imposed on LOVITA®’s partners ensure that health and security requirements are met in the workplace. Under the LOVITA® charter, all authorised producers receive fair compensation.