Lovita !

Lovita® is an enticing red-fleshed, heart-shapedplum.

Its curvy figure and delicious taste create a unique appeal blending
exceptional flavour and alluring looks…

From September to the Christmas season it casts the spell of its juicy, sweet and tangy flavours.


Lovita's got the beat…

  • Qualities: Sweet, tangy, juicy.
  • Shapes: rounded and heart-shaped.
  • Flesh: firm, red and juicy.
  • Size: medium size, 50/60 mm.
  • How can you recognise Lovita among other plums? Thanks to its green-speckled red skin and distinctive shape.
  • When can I find it? From Septembre to Decembre.
  • Where is it originated from? Southwestern France
  • Where can I find Lovita? In your usual grocery stores or supermarkets.

Lovita® on tour ... !


Lovita® in the hands of the pastry chef Alexandres

Wonderful tarts made by the Pâtisserie Alexandres in Montauban with LOVITA® plum. An honour and an undisguised joy for our pretty starlet….
Invitation Inauguration Sud de France fête la Qualité 2020 light

Sud de France celebrates quality … with Lovita®!

See you soon in Montpellier at the Growers’ market from 4 to 6 September 2020 and find the pretty freshly harvested plum….

Lovita® back in Madrid for Fruit Attraction

Lovita® invites you to discover the new September harvest and to find out what’s new for this season : partnerships, production sites, projects …